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EMSL Quiet Wing 

Hanford Area

The EMSL Q-Wing is a 10,155sf addition to the existing EMSL (Environmental Molecular Science Laboratory) building. The goal of Q-Wing is to create a world class facility to house 8 high-powered, state of the art microscopes. The 10,155 SF facility is comprised of 8 microscope labs each 400 SF in size, that are completely isolated from the rest of the building. In design and construction of Q-Wing, extensive measures were taken isolate the microscopes from any vibration or noise that could compromise the research the microscopes will be performing. Construction included extensive structural concrete including 3’ thick base slabs for the microscopes. The EMSL facility has extensive mechanical and electrical systems for the conditioning of the facility and the microscopes.  

Size: 10,155 Square Feet
Client: Battelle